Dianna Sheppard Joins Cognet Team

We strive to ensure that our team can truly offer the “best of both worlds”, which means we stick to our focused support of the HR Services industry with people who have deep subject matter expertise from and in your space, and on a global scale.

Dianna Sheppard is one of those gurus who invested years in the HR Services space, from building Ceridian into one of the largest human resource providers in the world, to CEO and President of Advantec. We won’t get into defining years here, but suffice it to say she knows her stuff and is ready to help you build a better business.

Dianna brings 28 years of just that to Cognet, with her extensive leadership in the executive suite and her passion for hands-on problem solving, in several capacities she is a great investor for the stage of our company today.

In fact, she liked our service so much she is doing a Victor Kiam impression and “bought” the company, well at least part of it.

At Ceridian, Dianna filled critical roles in sales and operational leadership roles, including payroll, benefits administration, EAP, time and attendance and tax filing. At Advantec she brought an expanded product suite, new technology, black belt process and operational excellence to support the planned sale of the company.

We have and continue to build a team that has experience in your industry, and in the global economy. It’s the double threat! You get executives in your space who know how to help you construct a global operations platform to let you focus on sales, service and high value added activities.

Our partners have eons of HRO/PEO/ASO and all kinds of acronyms under our belt, and not just in your market, but all over the globe. We want to share that with our select clients who wish to build a better business model and pick our brains, and most importantly learn from our experience.

We are able to support all facets of your HR business or agency, from operations to finance and technology, and have the people in our ownership group and team to get you global without leaving your desk.

Thanks for joining us Dianna!

Please visit our new web site to read more about Dianna’s new role at Cognet and what Cognet can do for you.

International Trade is not a Competition – It’s a “Win Win”

There is a lot of noise about the “competitiveness” of countries as if they are companies, and how the world of globalization pits country against country as if they are corporate behemoths in a cage match.

This just in, governments are not companies, and the global business environment is not that simple. The math just doesn’t support it, but it surely makes for good fodder on the evening news or your congress person’s blog, assuming they dare to have one.

Let’s take a simple example and think about it for a minute.

Imagine we have two countries that only trade two products, just to humor us for a moment, and of course their wages are not equal.

So Country X can deliver product A at a better price than Country Y, but at the same time Country Y can similarly throw Product B back at them at a better price.

This is where it all comes down to productivity, not simple claims of “their wages are less than mine and they have a competitive advantage”.

It isn’t that simple no matter what the news is telling you.

The reality is that the countries trade and one gets a product at a lower price and equal value than they can produce it internally, while simultaneously the other gets another product they demand in an equal exchange. Otherwise, commercial jet planes and tube socks would be produced in all countries and we would all trade them at ridiculous price differences.

That is just not how it works, no matter what you hear.

“What the heck does that mean to me?” you say?

It is all about the Productivity, my friends!

So, let’s say you want to provide “world class” service way above your competition and still be price competitive. In order to offer your customers expert advice on strategic HR issues, you should find a trading partner to deliver transactional HR at a similar productivity and lower price.

This is a “Win Win” if you play it right.

You find the right partner that knows what they are doing of course, to provide your “transactional” HR at a better price with equal to similar productivity.

At the same time, you add more value and higher touch to your customers by enabling your team to answer phone calls and make suggestions that increase their bottom line.

Country X gets higher productivity from their labor that is focused on “high end” customer activity, while Country Y delivers more cost effective solutions in a related product. Neither country is better at all products and services.

One sells airplanes more effectively to the other that needs to fly people around, while the other writes software or performs BPO at an improved clip to make them look even better on Wall Street.

Both parties win, no matter what you hear. On top of that, both benefit because their employee’s wages increase along with productivity, because they focus on what they are good at and everybody wins.

We may not be global economists, but we do understand symbiotic relationships with our customers and have experience to boot.

Join Us at the 2011 Independent Payroll Providers Association (IPPA) Annual Conference

Date: August 3 – 5, 2011
Location: Bonita Springs, FL

If you are attending the International Payroll Providers Association conference in Florida this year and want to add a product to that offering, then you better come visit the Cognet HRO booth.

Cognet is proud to introduce a new approach to helping our payroll bureau friends get more revenue and do less work. We have partnered with the premier provider of benefit enrollment and administration technology to allow you to enter the Benefits Administration business without doing it “in-house”. You take advantage of that new and cool “Cloud” and let us do all the work while you add product and muscle to your offering.

Sound too good to be true? Just visit the Cognet HRO booth to learn more about this exciting partnership and how you and your company can reap the benefits.

Visit us at cognethro.com and see the collaborative business model that we have built for you. We join both worlds and the intersection is you.

To learn how Cognet can help you explore both worlds, contact us today.

We hope to see you in Bonita Springs!