Everything You Need to Know About High-Value Services

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Truth: Manual Processes Destroy the Bottom Line

If you run a business, you likely have low-value, menial tasks that have to be completed. And they have to be done right. But if you’re already operating at 99 percent now, and that’s good enough for your customers, you’re going to be at 99 percent tomorrow no matter how hard you work at it.

But how do you get your key talent focused on big picture items like vision and strategy when they’re rolling out the payroll? Here’s why you must come up with another way:

Distraction. Your whole business is distracted. Everyone is caught up in completing low-value tasks, and no one’s eye is on the ball.

Cost. You’re paying premium prices for regular gas. The overhead you spend paying your employees for the four hours it takes to locate the missing budget line item, is simply too high.

Competition. This is the big one. While you’re operating at 99 percent efficiency internally, your competition is brainstorming the next big thing that your clients are going to want and will leave you for.

Taking those low-value tasks to an outsourcer is a no-brainer. Why? It not only frees up your star talent to focus on retaining and acquiring new customers, it offers contracted deliverables, set turnaround times and even error rates. These are standards you might already have in place internally, but because you’re dealing with employees and not a vendor, are largely unenforceable.

In this competitive marketplace, you can’t afford to focus on manual processes. Talk to Cognet and get focused on the future. Contact us at 1-888-800-3719 or sales@cognethro.com.

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