What Makes CogNet Different?

CogNet is different in many ways. First off it is a global company. We do business around the world, but we are U.S.-owned and operated. Second, we have personal experience in the industry, both the PEO and the broader HR space, so we are very familiar with the key issues that are facing most of the people that are looking to solve problems in this space. Third, we have a culture and proof of flexibility. We have an appreciation of doing things the clients’ way and the reasons they need to do them in that way. This attitude is unique in small business because that entrepreneurial spirit, what they have done to create differentiation for themselves, often requires that you think of things a little differently in the small business space. We have a keen appreciation of that. Fourth, we have no contract minimums and no contract terms. We earn your business each and every day, and if we are not earning it, you should, and can, walk away. That is very unique.

In today’s space there are very few options that are new that are innovative and can really move the needle. I believe that CogNet, in the small business space, can really do that. We will help you move that needle.

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