If You Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Fix It

CogNet’s governance begins right upfront when we are sitting down and talking about the contract and putting the Statement of Work together. We agree upon what the process looks like, what the units are going through it, what is the cost of that and how many hours will take you to that work. This way there are no surprises later on when we sit down once a quarter and have our governance meetings. Our simple axiom is that if you can’t measure it, you can’t fix it and you can’t improve it.

So it’s got to be measured. It’s right there in the contract. From there, once a quarter for every process that we have for you, we are going to sit down and look at those metrics.
Are we doing about the same amount of work that we thought we were going to be doing?
What is the cost on a per unit basis and otherwise of doing that work?
How productive are we? Are we just as productive as you were before, or less or more?

The bottom line is deciding whether or not we’re delivering what we said we would deliver to you as far as processing transactions and savings and having that conversation consistently so that nobody is ever surprised. It’s equally good to know whether we are exceeding those expectations, which we are always striving to do, or to know that we are not.

You can’t do process improvement if you haven’t documented and you don’t have numbers. So we can sit down and look at it and say, “Okay, great. What needs to happen here to make sure that we can deliver what we promised?”

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