No Greater Value Than Experience

CogNet delivers value in many ways. I think one of the biggest ways we do it is that my partners and I have personally walked in your shoes. For the last 20 years I have been an executive in the PEO space and the broader HR space in general. So I think our understanding – a keen understanding – of what you go through in a day helps tremendously. How we run the business, what we offer and how flexible we are to your needs are all qualities driven by that understanding.

In terms of CogNet specifically, we have a highly educated workforce that is very process driven. More importantly we do things the client’s way. That flexibility means not questioning you or making you fit into what we think the way you should be and that definitely is a plus for small business owners.

An example of that is we had a client who wanted us to do a data entry job where we were populating disparate systems, something many of you are probably familiar with. But what we noticed while we were doing that is that we were populating disparate systems off of different forms and the data was different on those forms. So we went into analyzing it for a little bit and then came up with a solution of how we could scrub the data before we actually input it. That actually solved the problem. It wasn’t a data entry problem at all. The problem was that the data going in was wrong. So even though at the end of the day on that one it was less work to CogNet on that particular function, we solved the root cause. We earned business from that client on many other processes and it was win-win for everybody.

Our value is that we understand the space, we are very flexible to what you need to do. In all cases we do it cheaper and in many cases we can do it better. So let us help you with that.

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